Sidewalk Repair & Installation


Psi Concrete Construction knows how to repair and install concrete sidewalks of all shapes and  sizes. Over the years, we have become one of the leading cement sidewalk  repair and installation companies in the South Texas Area. From  standard sidewalks to custom sidewalk designs, we can handle any  project. 

Driveway & Concrete Approach Replacement


Psi Concrete Construction understands the complex needs of constructing or repairing a  driveway approach. From pulling right of way permits from the city or county  Public  Works Division to the organization of the closure  of the driveway, We are  experienced installers of several types of approaches including but not  limited to alley approaches, radius return approaches, depressed  driveways, residential approaches, residential driveways, commercial  approaches, parking booth islands. 

Curb & Gutter Construction & Repair Projects


If you’re trying to control water flow  in your parking lot then curb and gutters are a viable choice for  handling drainage and protecting landscape from erosion. Other  applications for curbs and gutters are tree wells, defining parking  areas, handicap ramp curbs for path of travel as well as elevation  change.We understands all aspects of curb and gutter construction. We  can quickly evaluate your project, whether its the new installation of  6″ curb or removal of a badly damaged tree-lifted curb, we are ready to  help.

Slab & Foundation Construction & Repair


Concrete foundations or “Slabs” reinforce a building’s or a home’s  structural integrity. A strong foundation needs to be formed and poured  for a structure to withstand the test of time, sub-grades, and  geological forces. Psi Concrete Construction has poured thousands of yards of foundations,  slabs, and footings in South Texas. The slabs we install include  loading dock slabs, concrete parking slabs, equipment slabs, shop Pan or grade  slabs. We understand the process from the excavation of footings to the  placement of steel re-bar and forms. From a simple concrete addition to a building commercial slab, we can handle any project you need  completed on your property. 

ADA & Handicap Ramps


 Handicap Ramp Info
A handicap ramp is one small facet of structural requirements mandated  by the federal government, its purpose  is to provide an ADA compliant path of travel from city sidewalk through  out business facilities as well as crosswalks. Psi Concrete construction is well  versed in the codes set forth by the ADA codes and can help guide you to  compliant parking lots and sidewalks, to insure no legality issues. 

Concrete Demolition


Concrete Removal Services:
Concrete removal, demolition, and breaking are just some of our  services that we offer. Regardless of the size of your  concrete removal project we have the equipment, resources and know-how  to get the job done correctly and competitively. With tools and  equipment ranging from bobcats, breakers and back-hoe’s, we have removed  over a million tons of concrete over the years. In addition to  concrete demolition we can also break and remove asphalt, grass, brick  and countless other materials from your project site.